Annual Kids Day Hosted by National Marker

National Marker hosted their 5th annual “Kids Day” on Friday, May 6th.  A total of 24 second graders from North Smithfield Elementary School visited for a jam-packed morning of safety sign related educational activities.

The morning started off with a company-wide tour and getting the students geared up with their very own PPE (vests, gloves, safety glasses). In addition, they received a 3.5’ tall laundry bag (best believe it was taller than half the group!) packed with prizes, activity gifts and other fun takeaways from the day’s festivities.

The second half of the morning rotated through 5 individual activities, all featuring a representation of NMC’s different Safety ID product categories.

– NMC Firehouse – A life-size firehouse replica printed on corrugated plastic; involved a Q&A and guessing game with placement of Fire/Exit related glow signage in and around the building.
Activity Prize: Wall Glow Stars

– Scavenger Hunt – A map guided groups through 5 stations around the building. Station prizes included sticker packs and rigid plastic door hanger tags—completely customizable—with the student’s headshot and space to write their name. The perfect item to take home and hang outside their room.

– Pin the PPE on the Man – A depiction of the classic “Pin the tail on the donkey” – the children were blindfolded and spun around to pin the PPE on the printed construction worker. Each item was magnetic – safety vests, boots, glasses, gloves, hard hats.
Activity Prize: MiraCool Cooling Bandanas

 Color the Safety Guy – The best name we could come up with! A custom headshot with hard hat of each student was taken beforehand and printed on a one-of-a-kind lego stencil body. The design was printed on rigid plastic and coated with Sign Muscle® – so repeat coloring can happen again, and again.

– Bean Bag Toss –  AKA “Cornhole” – two custom raised platforms were designed for this game. One “School” themed, the other “Street/Traffic” themed.
Activity Prize: whistles


Thanks to Ms Swanson for brining in her class. All NMC Associates had a blast with all the students.

A special thanks to our partners who provided supplies for this event!