PBN Green Manufacturer of the Year


National Marker Does It Again!

We are very pleased to announce that National Marker Company has received the PBN 2018 Excellence in Green Manufacturing Awards. In 2014, NMC set out on a mission to produce its own environmentally friendly energy. This was accomplished with the help of SmartPower, a non-profit marketing firm dedicated to clean and renewable energy, and Solarize Rhode Island, which has the goal of lowering the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent in 2035. This was a very important award for National Marker who has a passion is clean manufacturing. The award was accepted by many including owner Micheal Black, his father Joe Black and NMC associates who all attended an awards banquet.

What Does this mean for the Environment?

National Marker is constantly finding new ways to perfect our manufacturing while having a minimal effect on the environment. Track how they are doing HERE