Showing Support for The Autism Project



For the 5th year, National Marker Company has shown their longstanding support for their community. The Autism Project holds an annual walk every year called “The Imagine Walk and Family Fun Day for Autism,” and NMC makes it a point to participate in the event. The annual walk is dear to the NMC team because many have family members – children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews – who live with Autism. NMC is very passionate about making a difference in the lives of these children because they understand the struggles and challenges presented to them and their families.


Over the past five years, National Marker Company, with support from many of friends, family, and business associates have contributed over $60,000 to the Autism Project. This year, for National Autism Awareness month, the company’s goal was to raise $25,000 at the Imagine Walk; all and more of which was raised by the NMC Pacers. NMC prides themselves on being supportive and giving back to their community. The NMC team efforts do not go unnoticed.