NSC 2015: National Marker Company Recap

The National Safety Council Congress & Expo is billed as a "must attend" event for those who work in the safety, health and environmental fields – so you better bet National Marker Company was there. In true NMC fashion, we brought enthusiasm, education about workplace safety, our innovative products and even some laughs. Needless to say, we made quite the splash.

For those of you who weren't able to join us at the NSC Congress & Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, here are a few quick reasons why you should consider attending next year. A fixture in the world of professional safety for more than 100 years, this event continuously brings distributors together with the end users and decision makers they service across such industries as construction, manufacturing and utilities.

NMC was fortunate to be among more than 1,000 exhibitors present at the Georgia World Congress Center from September 26-30.

The NMC difference
This year's Congress & Expo was a special one for NMC, as our team was stationed at the largest booth in our company's history. We're also proud to report that our white and blue booth, which was set up at one of the event's most heavily trafficked areas, stood out in a sea of black, yellow and red themes.

With its bright colors, NMC's booth truly stood out.
With its bright colors, NMC's booth truly stood out.

While having a 20'x30' island certainly didn't hurt our presence at the event, we owe much of our success to our knowledgeable and always-energetic staff. Our team's welcoming smiles drew in passersby and our products left them impressed.

Flexing our Sign Muscle®
Anyone who's familiar with the Sign Muscle® coating understands just how special this extra level of protection is. Visitors to our Sign Muscle® station had a chance to see how durable coated signs are as our lead-star Jimmy took a weedwacker to one that had been treated in a video loop. Those who stopped by also got to take home Sign Muscle® gameboards, with themes such as "Today I Feel" and "tic-tac-toe," all in an effort to educate individuals on the advantages of choosing a Sign Muscle® sign. 

Overall, we found that visitors to this particular station were pleased to learn a product exists that can protect their signs – for free!

All about customization
Sign Muscle® is amazing, but it wasn't the event's only star. In fact, visitors to our booth received VIP treatment as they set foot on our very own red carpet, which showcased our custom wall and floor art. Individual arrows were printed on the extremely durable anti-slip material SportWalk® and TexWalk® – the ultimate, one-step solution for advertising indoors and outdoors on floors and walls.

Following those arrows led visitors to our custom showcase wall, which gave them a preview of our customization capabilities, including products with unique shapes, a variety of colors, a wide range of sizes and branded with customer logos.

Visitors to NMC's booth received red carpet treatment.
Visitors to NMC's booth received red carpet treatment.

Remember when we mentioned that our booth was the largest in NMC's history? Well, that's not all that made it stand out, as it also showed the breadth of our custom printing abilities. Our entire booth was printed in-house at our headquarters in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. A total of 35 oversized, rigid plastic panels were created and then treated with Sign Muscle®.

The special coating allowed us to show visitors just how impervious Sign Muscle® is, as permanent marker applied to the booth could easily be wiped away, with no sign of tagging.

Visitors also got to take home custom labels that featured their name, thanks to our on-demand printer's expert Jim Nestell.

"Funnies" for everybody!Our red arrows took visitors on a funny detour.

A few laughs for the road
Education via experts like Jim, Sign Muscle® gameboards and custom labels weren't the only takeaways from our booth. Attendees who were in the mood to laugh weren't disappointed by our free "Funnies" – 3"x5" labels with humorous sayings such as, "I'm not arguing, I'm simply explaining why I'm right!" and "pour me a beer, the in-laws are here." Attending the NSC Congress & Expo next year is worth it just for a chance to snag one of these faux safety signs for your desk or office space.

As if you couldn't tell, we had a great time at NSC Congress & Expo and hope to see you again next year!