Sign Muscle® Signs: The Sign Companies Don’t Want You To Know About

If you buy a sign from a company other than National Marker, you might as well buy three while you're at it. In the end, the safety sign you buy will be faded and damaged within a year – a problem that doesn't happen with Sign Muscle®. It's a revolutionary, proprietary protective coating applied to every National Marker Company sign, ensuring you'll only have to buy one sign to get the job done. Did we mention it's absolutely free?

What is Sign Muscle®?
Sign Muscle® is a crystal clear, tough UV-cured liquid laminate that encapsulates every sign that leaves the NMC factory, and it will change the way you shop for signs forever. It was born out of a necessity and there's simply nothing else on the market that compares. Stop and think about it – all that's in-between the message of the normal, run-of-the-mill safety sign and your employees' safety is a thin strip of plastic.

Regular old safety signs just don't do the job – they even get scratched in their shipping box before you receive them. The over-laminate applied to the sign does little to stop damage, and it always peels off.

The average safety sign takes a harsh beating during its lifespan:

  • Countless hours baking away in the sun.
  • A harsh battering from wind and rain storms.
  • Vandalism via spray paint and stickers.
  • A beating from tools, forklifts and chemicals.
  • Water damage from cleaning with high-pressure washers.

Sign Muscle®'s liquid polymer encapsulates every edge, crevice and corner of the sign to ensure the message and durability of the sign is always kept intact.

Sign Muscle® Vs. Everyone Else
In the past, safety signs have been fit with a sleeve or cover in hopes that it will keep the sign looking fresh or new. Signs aren't cellphones – they aren't kept in a safe area because then the message wouldn't be seen. Instead, they're on the frontline of protecting employees, battling the elements year-round. Without proper protection, they'll be worn down.

Sign Muscle  is, simply put, superior to every other product on the market.
Sign Muscle® is, simply put, superior to every other product on the market.

Most companies make you pay up to $20 extra for a laminate that can be peeled off the moment it's delivered. Ultimately, you end up buying these signs year after year, spending more money each time for something that should really only be bought once.

Sign Muscle® is applied to every sign, free-of-charge. Other companies make you pay – sometimes as much as the sign is worth – for a useless, plastic cover. Its UV-coating formula actually makes it stronger and look newer the longer it sits in the sun. It can withstand high-pressure water, and spray paint can be wiped off with nothing more than a rag and isopropyl alcohol.

If you keep buying the same old sign, you'll keep having the same issues. It's the 21st century – why stick with the old methods that only cost you more money in the long run? Sign Muscle® is the toughest sign you'll never have to replace, guaranteed.