Electrical Safety Month


One of OSHA’s Fatal Four—Let’s make electrical safety everyone’s #1 priority. 5% of all job fatalities are due to improper interaction with electricity-they require proper attention from safety managers and facility safety programs. Lock Out/Tagout signs and tags need to be used to ensure maximum workplace  electrical safety, refer to the NFPA 70E Requirement for more information.

Whatever safety ID you need, we are your #1 source for any category pertaining to electrical hazards. We guarantee you will receive the most durable, high-quality sign, tag or label in the industry.

Electrical Hazard Signs
Ensure all areas in the workplace are clearly marked for electrical hazards so you can eliminate accidents and keep employees safe.

Lockout Signs, Tags & Labels
Keep workers safe when servicing or maintaining equipment by implementing controls of hazardous energy.

Electrical Lockout Devices
Protect against unexpected start-up of equipment while maintenance and repair work is performed.

Padlocks & Hasps
Ensure the energy source stays shut off by staying closed—on a switch, fuse box, lever, etc. with multiple workers’ padlocks in the holes of the closed hasp.

OSHA Top Ten Violations
Lockout Tagout:
Your Life Depends On It
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National Electrical Safety Month 2016

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