June National Safety Month


Living safely encompasses a range of activities–from knowing and obeying the laws, to remembering and following general safety tips. NSC is calling attention to safety this month by highlighting common safety and health risks within the workplace, throughout their annual June event.

OSHA’s Top Ten Hazards:
In 2015, OSHA inspectors ranked the top hazards seen most frequently across many industries and workplaces.

1. Fall Protection
2. Hazard Communication
3. Scaffolding
4. Respiratory Protection
5. Lockout/tagout
6. Ladders
7. Powered Industrial Trucks
8. Electrical Wiring Methods
9. Machine Guarding
10. Electrical – General Requirements

Failure to identify and correct hazards in the workplace can lead to serious injury and death. Ultimately, it’s not just compliance with OSHA regulations that employers should strive for, it’s injury prevention.

A total of 4,693 workers didn’t make it home to their
families that year. The key to preventing these incidents is planning, observation and establishing a safety culture.

Looking for more info?

Check out our selection of helpful safety-related articles in addition to NSC’s Safety Month resources including PDFs, posters, and webinars for further information.

PDF Downloads:

Week 1: Stand Ready to Respond
Week 2: Be Healthy
Week 3: Watch Out for Dangers
Week 4: Share the Roads Safely


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