Pay Close Attention to Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are a common but ever-important commodity on the road. They signal what is safe and what is dangerous, and without them the number of accidents would dramatically increase. Between January and June of 2015, 19,000 fatalities occurred due to traffic accidents – the deadliest year since 2007.

Make sure to identify and obey traffic signs to avoid unfortunate circumstances arising on the road. One in 5 Americans were issued tickets for rudimentary violations like speeding and running a stop sign. The 6-month bill for violations, injuries and other types of damage came out to $152 billion, a 24 percent increase from 2014.

Traffic signs
Be alert for stop, yield, do not enter, crossing and regulatory safety signs. These are meant to protect not only the driver, but pedestrians as well. Every year, 1 in 4 accidents are the result of speeding.

Pedestrian signs
These signs include traffic and crossing signs, as well as MUTCD school signs. Every year, 25,000 children are injured in preventable school zone accidents, and 100 of them are fatal.

Traffic control signs
Warning, construction and work zone signs are intended to control and guide vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Be sure to adhere to them, as they are meant to protect someone who may not be watching the road.

Warning signs
These signs cover roadway and construction regulatory instances. There is an average of 700 fatal injuries each year due to construction zone car accidents.

Traffic signs matter.
Traffic signs matter.