Spring Cleanup: Stay Compliant After Winter Passes

Spring is here which means it's time to dust off your tools and check your safety signs to make sure everything is in order after a rough winter. You never know if a storm may have left your worksite, the roads and parking lots a mess, and now is the time to make the repairs. Here are a few areas to check and consider as you clean out your worksite.

Check your safety signs
Safety signs are vital in ensuring employee safety and they should be checked at least once a year for a number of reasons. Check to see if the plastic over laminate is peeling on any of them – if it is, you'll need to replace it. If this keeps occurring, consider trying a Sign Muscle® sign, which protects the integrity of the message better and lasts a lifetime.

Checking parking lot and roadway damage. Plows will sometimes hit sign and posts and neglect to inform anyone. Make sure to double check every sign on the premises to see if there's any damage you should replace.

Assess the visibility of your signs. OSHA integrated ANSI sign standards in 2013, so if your signs aren't yet compliant you should consider buying new ones. It can save you money in the long run on fines, and can also save an employee's life.

Review damages and missing safety products
Spring is the time to determine what damages have occurred and what has gone missing in the last year. If you're in the construction industry, be sure to check safety equipment like scaffolds. For example, OSHA reported that scaffolding needs to have certain components like mudsills, baseplates, crossbraces and guardrails, as well as an access gate on top of planks that are at least 6 inches thick. If anything is out of place, then the structure could be deemed unsafe and you could be cited for it.

Take this time to review damages to industrial products.
Take this time to review damages to industrial products.

Make sure enough personal protection equipment is available for each employee. Not being able to give an employee proper PPE isn't an excuse – if an OSHA inspector shows up on an average work day and sees that your employee isn't wearing mandated safety gear, it will mean writing a check to the agency.

Spruce your business up
Take a weekend during April or May to devote to cleaning the warehouse or headquarters. Floors can collect grime and dirt over the year that can form a thin film. One ill-timed pivot could send a forklift sliding, injuring not only the driver but a pedestrian as well.

Edmonton Commercial suggests renting a professional-grade scrubber to lift and remove all the filth stuck to the ground. Not only will it make your business look better, but the floors will be safe to operate on as well.

The same goes for the outside of your warehouse or worksite. While it's important to make sure the inside is tidy, tools that are left lying around outside could ultimately hurt an employee. Everyone's sense of awareness is heightened on the job, but some like to take it easy once they get off a worksite. One wrong step and they could be sent to the hospital with a nail in their foot.

Ultimately you want to make sure your business can pass any OSHA audits this spring, as well as clean your place up for visibility and safety purposes. Replace any old safety signs or PPE to show that safety is your top priority.