Sign Muscle® Signs: Mold Resistance

Mold can become a serious health hazard in any work environment. It can damage structures, give employees serious respiratory problems and generally create an unsafe workplace. According to OSHA, over 1,000 types of mold can be found in the United States, while over 100,000 are classified worldwide.

National Marker Company can't guarantee the cleanliness of your office environment, but what it can guarantee is a lifetime warranty for its mold-resistant safety signs covered with its own proprietary technology, Sign Muscle®.

Sign Muscle®
Sign Muscle® is a crystal clear, tough, UV-cured, liquid laminate that is applied to every sign sold by National Marker—free of charge. If the sports saying "Defense wins championships" is true, then Sign Muscle® beats all other signs.

Rain or shine, snow or hail, wind or fire, Sign Muscle® holds up to life's biggest challenges. Safety signs from other manufacturers ship with a frail strip of laminate adhered to the sign. These easily peel off and after just a few years of use, safety managers have to completely replace it and buy another sign.

Stop mold in its tracks
One of the unique benefits of Sign Muscle® is that it's resistant to mold growth and it's durability permits intense, high-pressure washdowns. The Sign Muscle® surface is smooth and nonporous, enabling easy cleaning with high-pressure washing equipment and conventional industrial cleaners. The edges are fully encapsulated and can be pressure washed frequently up to 3,000 PSI. According to OSHA, mold grows from particularly damp places and feeds off the moisture. Sign Muscle's® liquid laminate protection keeps water running off a sign like it would on a glass window.

Other safety signs have a thin laminate that can easily peel at the edges, like it does in this video:

With 100% encapsulated edges, it's impossible for water to sneak underneath Sign Muscle, or live on the surface of your sign or label. Here are a few other tips OSHA recommends to keep mold out of clean-room settings across all industries, from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food processing, medical device, and hospital pharmacies:

  • Make sure to use disinfectant when cleaning anything associated with water so there is no residue left behind.
  • Water can easily get into drywall – before it is closed up for good, make sure it is free of any contaminant.
  • Perform regular HVAC maintenance checks.
  • Prevent condensation from occurring regularly by increasing surface temperature. To do so, increase the air circulation in the building.

Don't waste time and money replacing damaged signs—get it right the first time, with Sign Muscle® signs.

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