Yellow vs. Red


Every wonder when it’s ok to cross over (or under) Caution tape? What if that tape reads, “DANGER”?  Are you allowed to journey passed that boundary?   NMC barricade tapes are designed to help keep you and others safe, whether it is being used for a small home project or if a roll is strung across a large construction site.

Yellow caution tape, the most common of the safety world, means the area has safety and health concerns of a lower degree. This could range from anything from hoses or cables on the ground, noise, heavy equipment in use, or a congested work area and many more. Unless the tape stats otherwise… Yellow tape can mean, “Enter, but proceed with caution.” 

On the other hand, barricade tapes that are red in color can mean a safety and health concern of an immediate or high potential degree is in the area. These tapes can still read the word “Caution” but most of the time you will find the word “Danger.”  Some of these immediate dangers could include overhead loads, suspended loads, work being performed overhead, high noise exposure, open holes, fall protection required, confined space entry and more.  Red tape means, “Do not enter without permission from site supervisor” 

Barricade tape does not just come in yellow and red. Reading what the tape says can help you understand the threats that are in the area, but hopefully knowing the difference between the standard “Yellow Caution” barricade tape and “Red Danger” you can be a better judge when you venture onto your next job site.


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