Install Asphalt Art® in 5 Easy Steps


Asphalt Art® stands apart from other graphic floor options with it’s non-slip properties, anchoring adhesive, and ability to cut into any shape or size. Asphalt Art® has a aluminum foil construction with pressure sensitive permanent adhesive back, thin enough to conform to rough and untreated surfaces. The surfaces do not need to be smooth as Asphalt Art® is a flexible substrate that adjusts to uneven surfaces like:

• Asphalt (rough or smooth)
• Stone
• Cement
• Wood

And many other surfaces – if you are not sure then try it on a little corner of a surface or contact us for questions on the type of surface you’re trying to apply to.

Install Asphalt Art® in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Before applying, remove loose dirt from the surface. Very dirty surfaces may require washing, but the surface must be fully dry before application.
  2. Remove one small strip of liner from the back side.
  3. Orient the graphic, gently apply the exposed edge and then slowly remove the rest of the liner.
  4. Use your fingers, a soft roller or squeegee to work the material into any deep texture or cracks.
  5. Use a hard rubber roller to press in the adhesive. Roll up and down the film slowly, with pressure to ensure adhesion. Be sure to apply roller or squeegee to all areas and angles of print/application surface.

Asphalt Art Install

Watch our installation video here to see how it’s done.