Help Hard Hats – and Workers – Stand Out with Custom-Made Labels

You wouldn't ride a bicycle without a helmet, so why would you work on a construction site without a hard hat? The problem is, many people do. According to OSHA, lack of wearing a hard hat is the second-most frequently cited violation for companies of any size.

Head protection is required when workers are in areas with an increased risk of a tool or object falling from above, jutting out from a wall, or when an electrical hazard is present. Providing personal protection equipment is required under the American National Standards Institute regulation Z89.1, and there are different types of situations that require certain hard hat designs.

What worksites need hard hats?
Failure to provide the proper PPE could lead to fines or accidental injuries – and often do, so don't think you won't get caught. There are a number of different sites that require workers to wear hard hats at all times, according to Environmental Health and Safety:

  • Worksites where employees are working above one another. An accident could cause an object to drop from above.
  • A demolition or construction site where employees could unintentionally collide with stationary objects.
  • An area where tall shelves are storing heavy items.
  • Whenever electric wires or conductors are exposed overhead.

In 2014, OSHA fined Kevin Burke Home Improvement for five serious violations for a total of $12,400. Among the many reasons was that the employer failed to provide hard hats to workers. Don't waste money and put workers' lives in jeopardy – take the time to ensure a safe work environment.

Hard hats can greatly reduce the impact of a falling piece of wood.
Hard hats can greatly reduce the impact of a falling piece of wood.

Express individuality with your hard hat
Hard hats can be a unique way for an employee to express his or her individuality on the worksite. Custom-made hard hat labels could show your allegiance to a certain union, the amount of hours you've worked with the company, or that you haven't had an accident for a number of years. Really, there's no limit to what labels can say.

Custom-made labels benefit employees in a number of ways:

  • Their presence gives employees a subtle reminder that they need to wear them.
  • Workers get to showcase their job responsibilities in a way standard uniforms might not allow.
  • They remind employees of important safety protocols.
  • In an emergency, helpful logos that highlight CPR certification or medical training could be lifesavers.
  • The right label, such as one that highlights OSHA training, can provide employees with a sense of accomplishment, and give others goals to work toward.

National Marker Company can provide employers with custom-made labels that fit their needs. Every label comes with Sign Muscle®, which ensures that even in the harshest conditions, the label will stay as fresh as the day it was bought.