Equipment Hazards In Sight



Struck-by and caught-in or -between hazards are classified as two of OSHA’s Fatal Four. Representing a combined 9.4% of fatal accidents across many industries – anywhere an object may be flying, falling, swinging or rolling should be subject to certain safety guidelines, especially posting the proper safety identification. Remind employees with the proper warning signs to point out easily overlooked dangers in and around the workplace.

Whatever safety ID you need, we are your #1 source for any category pertaining to equipment hazards. Plus, we guarantee you will receive the most durable, high-quality sign, tag or label in the industry.

Equipment Hazard Signs
Ensure all areas in the workplace are clearly marked with the proper signs when dealing hazardous workplace equipment.

Equipment Hazard Tags
Place warnings on your equipment that properly identify & avoid hazards – essential for protecting people from harm.

Equipment Hazard Labels
Alert workers to potential dangers associated with machinery.

Watch out for overhead hazard

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